RAD Studio 10.3 Rio 将于 2018年11月15日 发布

chinacodegear 8月前 2514


Come to the Delphi Congress in Paris on November 15th !

We're doing a great presentation of the new version of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio! The Congress is organized by Barnsten, Embarcadero's official representative in France. We are not alone ....

That day, you will be able to learn the latest technical developments and benefit from tips and tricks presented by Delphi experts in France.

Embarcadero will begin the presentation with their latest vision, Road Map and will then continue with the technical presentation of Rio 10.3.

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    已经发布了。11月23号,李维 开网络研讨会,相当于中文发布会 了。
  • fireboxsoft 7月前
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    chinacodegear 已经发布了。11月23号,李维 开网络研讨会,相当于中文发布会 了。