30837, RAD Studio 10.2.3 iOS 11.3 and CodeInsight Patch

chinacodegear 2018-6-28 1873


This patch adds support for building iOS 11.3 applications for Development, App Store, Ad Hoc or In-House Distribution, and resolves a number of issues related with the use of CodeInsight for the Delphi language in the IDE.

If you previously downloaded and installed the iOS 11.3 patch (article 30835), this patch will overwrite the previously installed iOS 11.3 patch files.

This patch fixes the following publicly reported issues:

  • RSP-20268-[DCC Error] E2597 ld: file not found: /usr/lib/system/libcache.dylib for architecture arm64
  • RSP-20303-XCode 9.3 and iOS 11.3 linker error
  • RSP-20342-A blank project of Delphi Tokyo 3 Don't compile in iOS
  • RSP-20346-Compiling error with SDK11.3 for iOS, XCode 9.3
  • RSP-16046-[Regression] [Code Completion] Code completion dialog does not show up in overloaded method
  • RSP-14877-IDE freezes
  • RSP-17412-Code completion failure
  • RSP-19856-Code completion failure SY12895
  • RSP-19508-Code completion

This patch requires that you have RAD Studio 10.2.3 (Tokyo Release 3) installed.
Supported iOS SDK versions: iOS 10.3.x and iOS 11.x including iOS 11.3
Supported Xcode versions: Xcode 8.2.x, 8.3.2, 8.3.3 and 9.x including 9.3 


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